Lexie WinslowHi! I’m Lexie!

I am a digital marketing consultant in the Boston area. My focus is on business writing, including web content, newsletters and blogs. I also build websites, manage social media profiles and create web ad campaigns. Most of my clients are publishing houses and New England-based authors, speakers and small businesses. If you’re curious check out my Work page or read the Blast Magazine article on my social media work. Click here to contact me or to request a résumé.

My interests include creative writing, cooking, photography and travel. I love discovering new opportunities for cultural enrichment, especially through art and music. I have language experience in Latin, Italian, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese, which I’ve put to use on my trips to Europe and Asia (except for the Latin, of course).

My main passion is reading. I tend towards contemporary fiction, short stories, fantasy and sci-fi, trendy YA, and anything from or about 19th-century England. My publishing jobs added a lot of nonfiction to my bookshelves as well. In general I’m willing to give anything a try as long as it’s entertaining, informative, and emotionally resonant – or for 2 out of 3 I’ll give it the first 100 pages. Snoop on my reading list through my Goodreads page.

I loved being a student and was lucky enough to attend some exceptional schools. I went to middle school at The Glen Urquhart School, a small private school with an emphasis on creative learning and the arts. I attended Phillips Exeter Academy for high school, a New Hampshire boarding school that uses the discussion-based Harkness teaching method. I took a gap year, traveling and writing for a newspaper, before enrolling as an English Major at the College of the Holy Cross. During my junior year I studied abroad through Mansfield College’s Visiting Student Program at Oxford University.  In college, I held an executive role on the Student Government Association every year I spent on campus,  and during my senior year I composed a College Honors thesis on the contemporary Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre obsessive fan phenomena.

Glen Urquhart School Lexie Winslow   Phillips Exeter Academy Lexie WinslowCollege of the Holy Cross Lexie WinslowOxford University Lexie WinslowMansfield College Lexie Winslow


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