HMH Web Content Administrator Job Description

A fuller description of my role at HMH:

· Orchestrated exciting promotions, with highlights including 2500 Twitter followers extravaganza, Jeopardy!’s Watson Event viewing kit, and interview with Egyptian revolutionary Wael Ghonim

· Authored the Marketing blog, with features including weekly giveaways, sneak peek excerpts, book recommendations, guest blog posts, staff surveys and more

· Wrote, scheduled and monitored content daily on Twitter, Facebook and weekly on over ten other social networks (, YouTube, Goodreads, Vimeo, TeacherTube, LibraryThing, HMH Discussion Forums, and more)

· Researched social media trends and tools

· Managed 200-page company website, including installation of total site redesign and Jahia CMS during summer 2011

· Formulated style guides and best practices documents for company web presence

· Coordinated and posted weekly content updates for website home page and eight other portals

· Designed and coded promotional websites for Marketing and Publicity use, often on tight deadlines

· Liaised with eight departments for web projects, social media promotions and digital catalogs

· Troubleshot errors and crashes for company website

· Oversaw large-scaled document storage

· Maintained the company’s public-facing Webmaster email account

· Assisted with digital partnerships, from external web designers to digital manuscript distributors

· Developed COPPA-compliant guidelines with Legal team for contests, now used company-wide

· Budgeted, planned and executed marketing campaigns for book releases: ads, promotional videos, postcards, downloadable materials, placement on consumer sites, and blog coverage

· Hired and mentored department interns, organizing company-wide informational interview schedule

HMH Marketing Blog

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Marketing Blog

In the summer of 2010 I began the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Marketing blog. The blog served as a home-base for sweepstakes info, images, videos, and other material that can then be easily shared on Twitter or Facebook. For over a year I created fun weekly features to post along with daily publication announcements. Read all of my posts here:

Meet Us Mondays

I wanted an easy way to provide insights into the publishing world and HMH’s corporate culture, and came up with the idea for a weekly survey. Collaborating with other members of the marketing team, I composed a survey about office anecdotes and reading preferences and circulated it throughout the company.  Everyone from the interns to the president has participated.

HMH Marketing Blog | Lexie Winslow


In a lighter feature, I’ve invited our fans and followers to send in photos of their pets with a book to be posted on the blog. The response has been enthusiastic, and I’ve gotten to see some adorable animals!

Win-a-Book Wednesdays

I have been able to explore social media for HMH in a very creative and experimental way, which has been challenging and fulfilling. I have approached this new marketing technique with limited resources as I foster a level of engagement that can yield a quantifiable return on investment.  To that end, I have tapped into the one item we have an abundance of: books! Every week I offer a new release to our fans, with the winner chosen in a random drawing.

Friday Excerpts

Always on the lookout for existing material that can be packaged and shared in a new way, I have organized the creation and distribution of an excerpt from a new release every week. Our design team assembles the digital excerpts using the jacket and final page layout, resembling the experience of reading the finished book.

HMH Twitter Account

This is a selection of my corporate tweets for @hmhbooks. Read them all here:

I WILL NOT READ THIS BOOK: the ultimate reluctant reader becomes a book lover! Perfect for 1st graders with attitude

New #winabook today – music lovers (and aspiring music lovers) enter now

Pirate-girl Charlotte Jane the Hearty loves Feats of Daring and hates bedtime. Perfect for ur wee scalliwags! #kidlit

DAMASCUS GATE “delivers revelations about character and culture [as only] a dense, textured novel can”-@PhillyInquirer

’90s hit DAMASCUS GATE by Robert Stone is rereleased in paperback today

JANE FONDA gives new insight into the celeb’s life and her tumultuous role in American pop culture. Win it:

Curious what this week’s #winabook could be? If you love #celebs, this is the one for

Celebrate a summer of surveys w/us: who at HMH answered, if u were in #LordOfTheRings which character would u be? #lotr

An earthquake jolts Addie back to WWI-era Seattle – and deep into a mystery – in THE JEWEL AND THE KEY

“Mommy lit meets THE OMNIVORE’S DILEMMA” says @BostonGlobe – enter to win EATING FOR BEGINNERS

Don’t worry, it’s legit RT @ABAOProductions want to believe that @ahdictionary is the twitter account for The American Heritage Dictionary

EATING FOR BEGINNERS is “hilarious, moving and full of life” says @gretchenrubin. Enter to win a copy!

GIRL SLEUTH author @melanierehak is back and writing about eating local, win a copy!

Odd Girl Out author Rachel Simmons talks bullying on @NPRatc…

Lowly prince & motley entourage grab 4 power in 1800s Bucharest: excerpt from historical romp THE DAYS OF THE KING

THE DAYS OF THE KING by Filip Florian is our #fridayreads – and it can be yours too! Check our the excerpt:

Have you submitted to #bookpets yet? Take a cute animal, add a good book, snap a pic, and send!

What could this week’s #winabook be? If you are a parent and/or eat food, we bet you’ll enjoy it

Last chance to enter for a chance to win JUST GRACE AND THE DOUBLE SURPRISE

This week’s #rabbit theme continues in #bookpets – this time a bunny named Donkey

Now in #paperback A MOSQUE IN MUNICH – the story of America’s dealings with radical Muslims is older than you think

BAD INTENTIONS – Bodies pile up in local lakes, but is it a suicide epidemic or #murder? Inspector Sejer’s on the case

Find out what #publishing #internships are like in this week’s Meet Us Monday survey from #Publicityintern Nell!

Rachel Simmons was the 1st to address girl vs girl aggression in the 90s; find out what has changed in ODD GIRL OUT

The groundbreaking work about girl bullies is back with updates: ODD GIRL OUT #angrygirls

This week HMH President Gary Gentel is in the hot seat! Check out the latest HMH Meet Us Monday post

A new wknd, a new #friday #excerpt, & a new start for Cara in POPULAZZI. “Macbeth meets#MeanGirls” @PublishersWkly

Shamus – pooch in residence at Minneapolis’s Once Upon a Crime – is one of today’s #bookpets

Today’s #bookpets theme is cats! It’s making us wonder, is a cat a mandatory staff member at indies?

Have you submitted your #bookpets photo yet? An animal and a book, it’s a winning combination

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If u send a pic of ur fridge & a book, we may consider it ;) RT @gadabout_Dom @unbridledbooks my mouse is hiding behind the kitchen cupboard

Our thoughts exactly. RT @PWreviews @thebookmaven bechdel? as in alison?? #bestillmyheart.

Curious about our new #winabook? It’s one that everybody is dying to get their hands on

PIGEON ENGLISH is the perfect summer pick, abt friendship, adventure, mystery, and danger at the end of childhood

Curious which new book is this week’s #winabook giveaway? Hint hint, we’ve been talking about it all day #win #freebook

Our new #YA novel is all about alternate realities, rock ‘n’ roll & mythical characters MY FAVORITE BAND DOES NOT EXIST

School of Rock meets World of Warcraft in edgy, highly original YA novel MY FAVORITE BAND DOES NOT EXIST

Beloved Nat’l Accts Manager Ellen @bookred has submitted a staff survey for this week’s Meet Us Monday feature

A story of near-death, rebirth, & the choice to forgive. Enter to win this spectacular #YA giveaway now #mermaids

Laurence Bartram returns from WWI broken inside and out, but the mysterious death of a friend brings him back to life

Out now an elegant whodunit set in 1920s London THE RETURN OF CAPTAIN JOHN EMMETT

5 yrs of research, access to Church officials & confidential docs, extensive interviews make INSIDE #SCIENTOLOGY juicy

The celeb followers, the good charitable works, the severe penalties for misbehavior – it’s all in INSIDE #SCIENTOLOGY