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Lost Voices Website | Lexie WinslowLost Voices Website

Lost Voices is a popular new young adult novel about a young woman who becomes a mermaid. To support the marketing effort for that book, I created a promotional website. I incorporated the book description, jacket image, promotional video, author information, excerpt and more.

Additionally, I created a special sweepstakes for this title that allowed readers 13 and up to enter to name a character in the sequel. I took pains to make sure that this sweepstakes is COPPA-compliant, not only specifying that under 13s are not eligible, but actively turning them away from the entry form by requiring a birth date verification and installing a preventative cookie on under 13s’ computers. The entry form for the sweepstakes was created using Google Docs, meaning that I could share it with whomever I wanted and that the live data was easy to download in a variety of file formats.