Into the Gloss | Lexie WinslowIf I had to recommend a single beauty blog, it would be Into the Gloss. For one thing, this blog isn’t just a parade of high-profile products and the beautiful women who wear them. ITG profiles an amazing range of actual beauty industry professionals: makeup artists, business people, and experts of all kinds. (And as far as the beautiful actresses, singers, and models they feature, it is an eclectic, often captivating group.)

This is how ITG explains itself:

One day Emily Weiss, a Vogue assistant with an affinity for beauty products, looked around the internet for inspiration and couldn’t find anything that spoke to her. So she created a blog, Into The Gloss, where she interviewed models, makeup artists, and the strong women she admired about what they used and why.

The aesthetic of this site really grabs me. All of that thin black text on a white background feels so clean, and the editorial pop comes from the high-contrast, high-saturation images accompanying most articles. This contradiction between sparseness and intensity is reflected in the content itself. Sure, ITG hits all the same notes as any beauty blog (how to do a smokey eye? what is your real skin tone? etc) but it throws in a lot of fringe material too: environmental and ethical concerns, luxury products, anti-aging practices from other traditions, beauty history. It’s fun and irreverent, while always useful.


Image via Into the Gloss.

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