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In the summer of 2010 I began the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Marketing blog. The blog served as a home-base for sweepstakes info, images, videos, and other material that can then be easily shared on Twitter or Facebook. For over a year I created fun weekly features to post along with daily publication announcements. Read all of my posts here:

Meet Us Mondays

I wanted an easy way to provide insights into the publishing world and HMH’s corporate culture, and came up with the idea for a weekly survey. Collaborating with other members of the marketing team, I composed a survey about office anecdotes and reading preferences and circulated it throughout the company.  Everyone from the interns to the president has participated.

HMH Marketing Blog | Lexie Winslow


In a lighter feature, I’ve invited our fans and followers to send in photos of their pets with a book to be posted on the blog. The response has been enthusiastic, and I’ve gotten to see some adorable animals!

Win-a-Book Wednesdays

I have been able to explore social media for HMH in a very creative and experimental way, which has been challenging and fulfilling. I have approached this new marketing technique with limited resources as I foster a level of engagement that can yield a quantifiable return on investment.  To that end, I have tapped into the one item we have an abundance of: books! Every week I offer a new release to our fans, with the winner chosen in a random drawing.

Friday Excerpts

Always on the lookout for existing material that can be packaged and shared in a new way, I have organized the creation and distribution of an excerpt from a new release every week. Our design team assembles the digital excerpts using the jacket and final page layout, resembling the experience of reading the finished book.

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