Quirky Rom Com, My Netflix Personality Type | Lexie WinslowAmong the classic differentiators that we use as cultural shorthand to define personality types (morning person versus night owl; optimist, realist, pessimist; , Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin; etc), I have a suggestion for a new classic differentiator: recommended Netflix genres. According to the media streaming service’s insightful assessment, I prefer Quirky Romantic Comedies with a Strong Female Lead. Yes, Netflix, I’ve never put so fine a point on it, but I do, to watch and to live. And while every movie or television series that fits those parameters may not be perfect, some of them are wonderful. Read on for my list of the most enjoyable Quirky Romantic Comedies with a Strong Female Lead that Netflix has thrown my way.

Still available to stream:

  1. TiMER of course!
  2. In a World: What a great movie about the weird film-adjacent industries in Hollywood, and L.A. life, and a defunct family, and a late bloomer. I went into this one with no expectations and it knocked my socks off. My siblings felt the same way, and we all have very different taste in movies!
  3. Liberal Arts: The strong female lead element lags in this indie about nostalgia and the quarter-life-crisis, with Josh Radnor taking on the writer-director-star role here. It is such a great story about life for the superstar student when school is over, with observations that will stick with you.
  4. Miss Fisher’s Murder MysteriesThis Australian miniseries is phenomenal. A tough girl from Melbourne is elevated to England’s gentry when all of her other relatives are killed in WWI, and twenty years later she comes back to play Private Investigator/Society Lady as the full spirit of the Roaring Twenties embodied in one woman. The characters are so fresh and funny, and the costumes are to die for. I am waiting for Season 3 with baited breath! Mark my words, this will not be the only time that Phryne Fisher is mentioned on this blog.
  5. Stuck in Love: This one is more of an honorable mention, but since not all of my picks are currently available to stream I figured I’d throw it in. The cast is great, there were moments that resonated, and it was nice all-around. I hesitated to list it because the story feels made-for-TV, and the production feels a little like they made it when they had downtime on The Last Song (since both star Greg Kinnear and a South Carolina beach house…in case no one gets far enough into this movie to get that joke…).

No longer available to stream:

  1. Safety Not Guaranteed: I would have watched this movie sooner or later anyway but, like these other quirky indies, I was completely drawn into the story and totally charmed.
  2. Cold Comfort Farm: I had some false idea of what this movie was going to be, and I completely missed the book even with my incurable case of anglophilia, but on yet another rainy afternoon I threw caution to the wind and clicked that little red “play” arrow on Netflix’s top suggestion. This movie is weirder than the average English rom com set in the ’30s starring a posh society girl, and that’s a good thing!

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