Oxford's Covered Market | Lexie Winslow
The Covered Market decked out for Christmas, including the fresh geese.

I spent my junior year abroad at Oxford University and it was an incredible experience in a wonderful place. One of the parts of Oxford that charmed me the most was the historic Covered Market. This assemblage of storefronts and stalls feels like a holdover from another time. You can buy fresh game, handmade leather goods, exquisite cakes, flowers, andĀ nicknacks of all kinds. It was especially festive this time of year – I’m pretty sure nobody loves Christmas quite like the British do, and without Thanksgiving in the way, the merriment of the season basically begins in October. I loved the rainy fall afternoons when I would duck into the unassuming doorway and make my way through the curving narrow alleys, admiring the displays and browsing the new items, and always ending the visit with a hot chocolate chip cookie from Ben’s.

Oxford's Covered Market 3 | Lexie Winslow

Oxford's Covered Market 2 | Lexie Winslow

Oxford's Covered Market 5 | Lexie Winslow

Oxford's Covered Market 4 | Lexie Winslow

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