Into the Gloss

Into the Gloss | Lexie WinslowIf I had to recommend a single beauty blog, it would be Into the Gloss. For one thing, this blog isn’t just a parade of high-profile products and the beautiful women who wear them. ITG profiles an amazing range of actual beauty industry professionals: makeup artists, business people, and experts of all kinds. (And as far as the beautiful actresses, singers, and models they feature, it is an eclectic, often captivating group.) [Read more…]

Janet Hill’s World of Elegant Whimsy

The English Major by Janet HillYou should check out Janet Hill’s artwork if any of the following things interest you: oil paintings, portraits, readers, lion tamers, dancers, dogs, midcentury fashion, acrobats, beautiful homes, or any and all things twee.

I can’t quite remember what led me to discover Janet Hill, but I absolutely remember the first painting of hers that I saw, appropriately titled “The English Major.” I knew I had to see more. It turned out that Hill had a great website to showcase her work, including a lively blog. I loved the gallery of paintings depicting glamorous young women in Pinterest-worthy dream homes, and, most of all, the whimsical twist thrown into many scenes: a lion here, a flying woman there. [Read more…]

Common Sense from Dear Prudence

Common Sense from Dear Prudence | Lexie WinslowI love advice columns. They have fascinated me forever. Each one is like a small psychology experiment: which questions trouble people enough to appeal to a stranger for help, and does the resulting advice represent good judgment and strong character? Advice columns satisfy my inherent nosiness, and get my imagination going as a storyteller.

My favorite advice column at the moment is Slate’s Dear Prudence, authored by Emily Yoffe. [Read more…]