Top 5 Ways to Get Free Books

Top 5 Ways to Get Free Books | Lexie WinslowReader confession: most of the books I currently own, I’ve received for free. In fact, I’ve won them in publisher giveaways. And now I’m sharing the secrets to my success.

The thing is, way back when I used to work in publishing, running these sweepstakes fell under my job description. And it always boggled my mind that no matter how cool the book or how widely we spread the word, at the end of the day we’d only receive a few dozen entries. The odds of winning were so high that I had to keep track of the winners to avoid duplicates too often. To be completely honest, sometimes there were fewer entries than total books we were giving away! [Read more…]

Jane Eyre is Genre Fiction

Jane Eyre is Genre Fiction | Lexie Winslow

She sure looks like a witch to me.

It has been ten years since I first read Jane Eyre, and I’ve come to conclusion that we’re all having the wrong conversation about it. This book belongs on the Fantasy or Horror shelf.

Full disclosure: I have a complex relationship with Jane Eyre. I appreciate it, but I’m no fan girl by any stretch of the imagination. Jane Eyre literally puts a bad taste in my mouth, or at least a weird one—the most pronounced experience of lexical-gustatory synesthesia I’ve ever had. Even thinking about it for too long brings it back. To be honest, it’s tough for me to get through the book from cover to cover: I always skim her time with the Rivers family. The plot operates on a spectrum, with cold, introspective boredom at one end and hair-raising horror on the other end, and it always leaves me kind of baffled. [Read more…]

How I Curate My Reading List

How I Curate My Reading List | Lexie WinslowI basically divide the books I read into three categories: so-called important books that I read to stay current with the literary community at large; interesting nonfiction, typically fixated on one topic at a time; and books that I think I’ll really love.

The first grouping is the easiest to identify. They’re the “it” books. These are the book titles that pop up everywhere, from Tumblr to publishing industry newsletters. The authors appear on podcasts, Twitter chats, even on television from time to time. The bestseller and award lists bear these books’ titles. Sometimes they don’t deserve the hype, but when they do, it’s wonderful to be swept up in the communal excitement. If you don’t keep up with these books, you get left behind. Lately, I’m growing more comfortable with being out of the loop on these reader fads. I figure I can just catch the next one. [Read more…]