5 Music Videos That Upgrade Their Songs

Matt Nathanson’s music video for “Headphones” recently reminded me how much I love the music video as a piece of media. Matt and a cameraman tagged along with¬†Starkey Hearing Foundation¬†to give away a thousand hearing aids to Peru’s deaf population. The resulting music video is absolutely irresistible. You can’t help but be touched by the intense emotions playing out on the screen.

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The Soundtrack to My Autumn

For me, every season has a soundtrack. Usually winter’s sound is clean, slightly overproduced, maybe a little experimental, a fresh start after four weeks (minimum) of Christmas songs on a loop. In the spring my playlists are sweeter, happier, with a bit more variety depending on what I hear on the radio or which artists come out with new material. Summer is all about songs to drive to, singing along. And every fall I circle back to a jangly, acoustic sound, with an emphasis on thoughtful songwriting. [Read more…]