Quirky Rom Com: My Personality Type, According to Netflix

Quirky Rom Com, My Netflix Personality Type | Lexie WinslowAmong the classic differentiators that we use as cultural shorthand to define personality types (morning person versus night owl; optimist, realist, pessimist; , Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin; etc), I have a suggestion for a new classic differentiator: recommended Netflix genres. According to the media streaming service’s insightful assessment, I prefer Quirky Romantic Comedies with a Strong Female Lead. Yes, Netflix, I’ve never put so fine a point on it, but I do, to watch and to live. And while every movie or television series that fits those parameters may not be perfect, some of them are wonderful. Read on for my list of the most enjoyable Quirky Romantic Comedies with a Strong Female Lead that Netflix has thrown my way.
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Great Procedurals and the Downfall of Crime Shows

Great Procedurals and the Downfall of Crime Shows | Lexie WinslowI’ve given the Elementary/Highlander hybrid Forever a chance this fall because I am going through a huge mystery phase, and I’ve been a Ioan Gruffudd fan since his turn as Horatio Hornblower in the ‘90s. Besides, it feels like there isn’t much else on. But the series has crystallized for me the difficulty of watching dramas with shoddy police work in this age of great procedurals. The triumph of simultaneously accurate and compelling television writing these days means that lazier crime plotting ranks somewhere between distracting and unforgivable. [Read more…]

A New Appreciation for YouTube

New Appreciation for YouTube | Lexie WinslowI was very late to the YouTube party. Obviously I’ve used it since 2006 just like everyone else, but for me it was never more than the biggest video content warehouse on the web. It came in handy for quick software how-to tutorials and music videos. Other people I knew logged hours of free time on YouTube in an endless stream of epic fail compilations and ‘90s movies supercuts and footage of weird athletic achievements. I didn’t see the appeal.

That all changed for me with the Pride and Prejudice web series adaptation, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. (Yes, another important cultural discovery made possible by Jane Austen. The woman is the gift that keeps on giving.) [Read more…]