Career vs. Day Job

Career vs Day Job | Lexie WinslowI’m always curious to note the vocabulary that people use when they talk about how they spend their time. Is your occupation a career or a day job? Is your creative outlet your hobby or your true calling? Which one is your real work? It might seem like semantics to some people, but I find it fascinating.

We’re in a new economy of slash careers, like mine: ghostwriter/website manager/content strategist/social media specialist. Likewise, in this age of instant connection and endless resources, any mild interest can become a passion. With a few clicks of the mouse you can find supplies, advice, a mentor, a community, and anything else you might need to dive into a new hobby. We’re no longer a population defined by one occupation, or an occupation and a hobby—we’re a generation of multi-hyphenates.

The sticking point about this departure from tradition is the sense of divided loyalty. [Read more…]

Everything You Want to Know About Ghostwriting

Everything You Want to Know About Ghostwriting | Lexie WinslowI spend a lot of my working hours ghostwriting. This was never a career path that I deliberately planned on, and looking back, even if I had intended to become a ghost I have no idea how I would have gone about it. Rather, I set up my shingle as a digital marketing consultant, and somewhere in the midst of designing websites and writing product descriptions a client asked if I would like to ghostwrite a few blog posts for her. I gave it a shot, and within months it became my most popular service. [Read more…]

A Blog Experiment

A Blog Experiment | Lexie WinslowI have had an ambivalent attitude about this patch of internet real estate for a while now. It’s been sitting here, proverbially gathering dust, as the Most Recent Posts celebrate anniversaries…and I want that to change. But first, there are a few reasons why it got that way in the first place. [Read more…]